I missed my fire boy, im still remodeling him

and this model  looked somehow like the gender bend of my oc so I felt like drawing Lynn in clothes like that,  but how to girl kfnksk its too hard..

more Ls doodles i forgot to say last post has some Ls doodles too hahaa

I will reply asks now im sorry im always so slow!!;;


the last ones are based on  this 

In the first ask I showed Anki the ask , she said she doesn’t think it looks the similar to her old style haha

sorry im so slow replying  anon asks-

 last ones

the pink haired boy is not really old..just from last year but yeah..

the other 2 are olds ocs,  i dont have any other recent pics of them, i dont draw them so often ,so i used the lasted ones i did from some months ago…-

bitprince asked:
i have a crush on all your ocs ok... bye..,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

im glad u like my ocs kjfnkskfnsk it means a lot to me sobbbbbs

so I scrolled down until the end of my blog— and found super old drawings so I decided to make this—-I sadly lost the veryyyyy first pic I drew of him so i added the second one before I used him for LoX group until his recent self

he probably will keep changing but just to keep his ..timeline- kfjnkskdfsk

His name is Liam

I need to give him new clothes-

haha i forgot how to do those tiny animation tingy