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You should price it differently go for different amount of people in it

it is different if i have to draw more than 1 chara in the pic .. LOL its on my da journal thats why i posted the link here just lazy to post all here…just posted the basic haha 

Commissions Open

please note me on DA if u are interested, rules are also in my da journal here is the link please read the journal before sending the note on da 

chibis like this  for $15 USD 



semi chibi for $20 USD


i also have head shots and bust up but its in my Da journal

 fknsdks old

the mistakes-

its been around a year 

once long ago i made an Au of Liam with white long hair so..there it has been so long fkjnkds 

old one

derpy doodles

Liam and Ace 

ah i made those websites for your ocs i put Liam too,   HERE if u want to read his info and stuff kfndknk idk LOL

CLICK HERE IS MY SUMMARY OF ART FROM 2010 TO 2012 it is too big to post here..

 didnt want to do it bc i knew i didnt improve cries in shame..